antoinette ameska

Created in2013, Antoinette Ameska is a brand of high-end leather accessories, combining subtle blends of colors and materials. Finely consensual bases associated with iridescent and sparkling touches, silky textures, natural or worked patinas.

The bags and pouches have an adjustable chain allowing the bag to be lengthened or shortened as desired. The shoes, on the other hand, are designed for optimum comfort whatever the time of the day.

The collections are designed in our Parisian Atelier, and manufactured according traditional know-how with quality European leather.

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Tips and maintenance

The leather of our bags are carefully chosen and come mainly from Europe (Italy, Spain) and Brazil.We personally select all our skins. They have been the subject  of our full attention and our guaranteed without the use of toxic products according to the European standards in force. Leather is a natural material that must be cared for. Over time, this material acquires a patina, ages and changes color.

Tips and maintenance : To maintain and preserve the beauty of our leather bags and shoes, find all our advice here.