Our Shoes

Designing beautiful shoes is not the most complicated thing. Combining aesthetics with comfort is a more exciting challenge.

The Antoinette AMESKA brand produces high quality shoes in terms of materials, designs, finishing touches and comfort in order to adapt to all feet shapes.

All our shoes are designed for optimum comfort and tested to ensure optimal quality. The brand is well-known for its quality and the comfort of its shoes.

Always with a retro touch, our creations are designed with a mix of colors and materials that are subtly positioned to bring the sparkling detail that will make you want to wear them.

Flat or high heels, every woman wearing AMESKA's shoes, should feel more beautiful while being able to walk comfortably.

Our Bags

Glittered, varnished, grained... AMESKA bags bring the final touch to your outfit.

Casual, chic, colourful, our bags can be adapted to all outfits.

Beautiful and functional, our big bags play with the practical details to put all our essential and meaningless accessories in them.

Carried shoulders or shoulder straps, all bags are adjustable and adaptable in length.

Lightweight, they are the daily companions of active women.

With top quality leathers, they last over time, patina and keep to better use, store and re-use them with the same pleasure.

Our Jewelry

Antoinette Ameska's jewellery are designed by our designers and created by them in our Parisian workshop.

True to our sparkling brand image, our jewellery are made of gold brass and iridescent leather; their different designs and colors depend on current trends and the current collection.

These fashion accessories are designed in such a way that you can add a touch of color to your outfits or simply to finalise your looks.