Leather care

Because our leather products can last for years if they are well maintained, we invite you to protect them with Famaco products for a better physical hold over time ...

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    Delicate Cream - Famaco


    Gently cleanses, nourishes and softens. Dust off the shoe with a brush. Massage the leather with a cloth impregnated with delicate cream. Let it dry then polish with a soft cloth.

  • Leatherproof- Famaco


    Waterproofer for: smooth leathers, suede, Nubuck and textiles. Use this product before periods of rain and after having done a complete maintenance of the leather.

  • Cleansing foam - Famaco


    Gently cleanses and removes stains. Revives colors. Apply the product using a chamois cloth. Massage the material in a circular motion to remove stains. Repeat the operation if necessary.

  • Leather Reviver - Famaco


    Waxing cleansing milk. Cleans deeply. Instant radiance and shine after buffing. Brush off dust. Shake the bottle and wipe a small amount of product over the shoe with a cloth. Shine after drying with a dry cloth.